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The legal status and availability of internet casinos in the United States might vary widely from one state to the next. We were able to conduct an interview with a person who is quite familiar with the condition of online casinos in the United States. Great.com, well-known for their casino-climate charity effort, was interviewed because of their familiarity with the U.S. casino industry. Their interview responses are included below.

When comparing casinos around the United States, what stands out the most?

We started by inquiring as to the primary distinction between online casinos in varying states with Great.com. The primary distinctions between casinos are the rules and licensing, according to Great.com. To be more specific, we are collaborating with New Jersey online casinos. Any resident of New Jersey over the age of 21 can now legally access the state’s regulated and licensed internet casinos. According to Great.com, the casino market in New Jersey was unregulated prior to the passage of the regulating measure in 2013.


The primary distinction, to answer your question, is whether or not the online casino in issue is subject to government oversight. A regulated casino is restricted to providing games from a select group of approved suppliers, while an unlicensed casino is prohibited from accepting customers from the restricted state.


How many states have legalized and regulated online casinos?

We contacted Great.com to inquire about the current number of states that permit online gambling due to our interest in the industry. Currently, 48 of the 50 states have some form of online gambling regulation in place. According to Great.com, state laws and regulations in the United jurisdictions might be confusing when it comes to online gambling because certain jurisdictions may allow online casinos and betting while others do not, and vice versa.


A growing number of states are moving toward legalizing and regulating internet gambling, though. Great.com informs us that this means states have the authority to control gambling in all forms, including online and in person.


Is it preferable to use U.S.-facing, licensed online casinos?

Finally, we’d like to know if Great.com agrees that U.S. players would be better off at a regulated online casino as opposed to one that isn’t. According to Great.com, you should only play at online casinos that are licensed and regulated by a government agency.


That being said, we appreciate Great.com’s time and effort in doing this interview and answering our questions thoroughly.

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